“A good therapist is like a midwife, standing by while you give birth to the best in you.”
~Christiane Northrup

about latasha


Therapy is successful when one feels heard, understood, and accepted. Regardless of circumstances, my priority is to help you feel comfortable enough to explore unfamiliar territory. My role is simply to guide you towards asking the hard questions, in becoming curious about your life and encourage you to explore new behaviors and ways of thinking. You and I will  address your most immediate and important concerns, while also paying attention to underlying issues and reworking old behavioral patterns and ways of living that you feel are no longer helpful to you.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and received a Master of Social Work degree from Loyola University Chicago and a Doctoral Candidate at Smith College School for Social Work. My experience is based on of post graduate training, professional experience and lived experience.  My work has involved working with trauma survivors of all ages, as well as the conditions that are most commonly associated such as eating disorders, self injury, behavioral addictions (shopping, emotional eating, gaming etc.) and depression.

My mission is to help those who have experienced trauma rebuild from brokenness, thereby creating more meaningful lives and relationships. Although trauma is commonly associated with life threatening events, I use a broader definition in my work.  I believe that any experience that has a negative impact and interferes with healthy functioning, can be traumatic.   I am honored to walk alongside you in this journey